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Luxury Cars in Dubai

Dubai is very well known for beauty and luxury super cars. In past few decades Dubai has developed a lot. The oil reserves have completely changed the game of Dubai in whole world. Because of fuel low prices and low tax policy on automobile industry many huge names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes, and many more started tehri assembling and production in the UAE. Which helps the car lovers to own Luxury cars quite easily. Moreover, the local of the state is quite stable to afford and buy new cars very often.

As in result, many new and luxury brands were left alone because people shifted to new variant or they sale that vehicle in minimal prices. In Dubai this is based upon many factors that is a result of plenty of abandoned luxury vehicles at every other point. You can even find loads of luxury car rental Dubai as well, because many people just buy such big names for fulfilment of their dreams and can not use them as their day-to-day car. So, they give them to rental companies on commission-based agreements.

Why do people leave luxury cars in Dubai?

This is one of the common questions that clicks in everyone’s mind. The answer is simple yet bit interesting let us learn about it. Dubai is a business hub and tourists’ region. Many people visit this place to settle their business in huge economy of the state. And driving cars like Rolls Royce car rental in Dubai is common practice in Dubai. To create an extravagant impression on their potential investors or partners they purchase or hire luxury cars. Once the deal is over or not successful, so they go back to their home country without selling them. Well let’s discuss few more perspective to get clarity about this question.

  1. Car owners get bankrupt
  2. They got stuck because of legal issues and allegations (accident or law breakage)
  3. Unable to payback car loans
  4. Restriction on sale and purchase of car by the law

Car owners get bankrupts:

As we all know Dubai is a business hub many business owners and entrepreneurs coming towards Dubai with loads of dreams and ambitions. Many get amazing journey and few of them got not so lucky in this field. They purchase new and luxury cars and spend their hard earn money. Or else they purchase on credit to match the hype and vibes of the state. But after a while they are not doing so well in tehri business so they bankrupt and unable to pay off credits. Also, not able to maintain such high-end car so they run back to tehri home country and leave the motor of tehri dreams back in Dubai.

They got stuck in some legal issues and allegations:

Many cars that are parked in middle of some point in highways and motorways. It is because they are bound to not able to cross that particular limit. Either their car gets into some accident, and they try to escape and now the car and owner in accusation. On the other hand, the owner might used to break rules and did not clear the tickets, so the car is now in red list and owner is unable to roam around the city in the same vehicle. And this is also quite possible that the owner is in prison and his car is still standing at some location for year or two. Later on, police will auction these cars. So, this is also a very obvious reason to watch out so many abandoned cars in Dubai.

Unable to pay off debts:

Dubai is a place of luxury lifestyle and things. Many foreigners get into Dubai and unable to stop themselves to put their hands on luxury cars. Many prefer to hire rented cars and others choose to purchase their own luxury vehicles on loans or finance from banks. As the car loan is easy and smooth in Dubai. Anyhow after a while they are unable to pay off the loans and tehri cars got seized. They either leave their cars or leave the country to save themselves from imprisonment.


We all know, Dubai has some luxe vibes that is unmatchable. But spreading out legs as per your range would be the best way to live in Dubai to the fullest. I know there are various thoughts and dreams when one travels to magnificent and amazingly superior city but stay in limits and set boundaries will ever be fruitful.

So, I would recommend you hire a car from Friends car rental in Dubai and play a safe game. We have huge fleet of luxury vehicles that will fulfil your craving to drive a super exotic luxury vehicle. You can hire our cars for special events and for daily, weekly, monthly basis in an affordable price. Get in touch with our professional team for 24/7 assistance and book your car now for your next trip.  

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Why Do People Leave Luxury Cars in Dubai?