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The strangest driving laws around the world

Laws are in place for a reason, and when it comes to driving, the primary goal is to keep everyone safe on the road. While every country in the world has its own different rules and regulations.

There are driving laws around the world that would at times be concerned with luxury car rental in Dubai but that would seem completely insane in other countries, and in this list, we explore the 10 craziest and weirdest driving laws from around the world.

Sleigh bells Ring (Canada)

This rule might only exist in Canada and has to be read to be believed, but there is actually a law about the minimum number of bells that are allowed on a sled to be on the road in the country.

Of course, this rule won’t bother people too much since there aren’t exactly a ton of people in the garage with sleds ready to snap at any moment, but for those who have them, it can be a problem.

Fortunately, those who want to go sledding this year need not worry, as the minimum number is only two bells. Who knew Santa Claus had so many restrictions against him at Christmas?

No Stop (Germany)

The autobahn in Germany is one of the most famous roads in the world and is famous for its rather crazy law that there is no speed limit, making it one of the fastest roads in the world.

In most countries, regardless of the size of the road, cars can stop due to breakdowns or lack of fuel, but in Germany this is considered driver negligence and can lead to a six-month ban or potentially jail time and you would have to face difficulty if you are one ofirresponsible drive of Lamborghini rental near me.

Drinking and driving (Costa Rica)

Most countries around the world have a strict drink driving limit that can result in very heavy penalties if ignored, but in Costa Rica, where drink driving is completely legal, there is no such law.

Costa Rican police will not worry you drinking beer behind the wheel as long as you don’t seem excessively inebriated (although that is defined).

Law of the Jungle (South Africa)

While vehicles may be the most dangerous thing on the roads of many countries. this is simply not the case in South Africa due to the incredible wildlife that inhabits the area and calls it home.

It is very common to see animals roaming the roads close to their human-inhabited habitats. and therefore, animals in the country have the same right to the roads as motorists.

While the animals in the road may not always be a pack of lions, drivers must always stop to give them time to move. However, stay safe while driving car rental near me as it may be a long take or risk a hefty fine.

Lights on (Sweden)

In Sweden it is actually the law that drivers must have their lights on at all times.

That’s right, it means drivers have to have their lights on even when it is daylight and people can see, which is pretty confusing and doesn’t seem to benefit the cars themselves.

However, that is the law and those caught with their lights off at any time can expect to be fined for doing so. So, especially if you are hiring a family car for rent then be careful and follow the rule strictly to avoid hassle.

No monkeying around with:

In America, each state has vastly different laws when it comes to driving, so it is always best to check, especially if you are driving through several at any given time. and some states have really crazy rules.

However, the strangest of all the official laws may come from Massachusetts, where they have made it a law when it comes to the Gorilla, as anyone caught driving with one in the back of their car will be ticketed.

Historical Ignorance (Italy) Setup Company in Dubai.

As one of the oldest countries in the world, Italy is steeped in history.However, seeing the fantastic architecture may not be possible in a car, as many areas of Italy are designated as historic zones, known as ZTL zones, which means you cannot drive there without a permit.

People must have a special permit to drive through one of these zones, which are very restricted to cars due to the conservation of the area and can be found in Rome, Florence, and Milan.Friends car rentals are highly professional service providers who offer luxury rental cars in best packages and rates are quite affordable. You cannot resist any of our luxury vehicle because they are highly maintained and up to the mark. We are highly trained and experienced in automobile industry so you going to enjoy seamless ride in our cars. Get in touch with us for more details and luxury car booking in UAE.

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The strangest driving laws around the world