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Rules to Follow in Case of a Car Accident in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most amazing places to drive luxury superfast cars. Although roads and traffic system in the state is very well organize and incredible. But car accidents are something that is not in drivers control to completely avoid it. Although, rules are strict, but minor fault and mishap can become disaster when we are in high speed. Moreover, sometime these can be occurring because of weather conditions. Also, when a car undergoes with any technical fault and causes sudden breakdown.

So, get yourself prepare before travelling to Dubai. Especially if you are planning to drive any superfast car like Lamborghini rental near me. This would be the wise decision to learn rules to follow in case of car accident in Dubai. To avoid end moment issues and problems if something like this happens. Obviously, in that way you will be able to process efficiently with complete mind presence at this crucial moment. To save yourself and others from long-run issues. 

Important Rules to follow in Dubai in case of accident:

There are plenty of things that must be perform just after the accident occurs. And few things that are restricted to perform. All these are listed below for giving you complete knowledge of Dubai accident rules. Few things that is extremely crucial to do, if you are driving in a luxury car rental in Dubai. I would recommend you read it till end for knowledgeable information. That will surely help you and many others.

Never try to escape from the moment if survived

When someone get into any accident, the first instinct come to mind is to get away form this situation and run. And this is because of the stressful and sudden trauma. But here in Dubai this is illegal, you just cannot run from the situation. You have to stay here till the police and authorities not arrived.

Keep yourself calm and cool

Everyone can relate the panicking situation on such moments. But keeping yourself calm and relax will surely help you out and others. Get angry and stressful is a natural behavior but this time you need to control your sentiments. So, that you can help yourself and others at the moment of distress.

Call police and Provide complete Report of car accident

If you are experiencing any situation like this. Keep in mind that your first and foremost responsibility is to call 999. And guide them the location also, tell all the details regarding incident.

According to Dubai law and orders, no accident can go without proper detailed reporting and documentation. It does not matter if the accident is big or small. You have to let them know everything. They create a proper report, along with that pictures and video clips are shared with linked authorities and insurance companies to get further proceedings done.

Discuss with your insurance adjuster

It is very important to call your insurance provider or rental car service provider and let them know about the accident. And you can also contact your legal advisor if you are not in a place t give any statement in such traumatized situation.

Get yourself for medical checkup even though you feel ok

Medical checkup is must, get yourself and everyone who was with you during the accident. You might feel completely alright but get some internal injury. That will minimize the hidden injuries ratio. And treatment can be done within right time.

Know the name and contact details of injured party

If you are witnessing such situation, then go and get the name and contact details of the accidented person. Your mind presence might save someone’s life.

Few pictures as prove

Get some snaps of location, car, and situation for personal record. It may help you in some cases.

Note: Avoid driving in Dubai within following conditions. Otherwise, you have to bear high penalties and even prison in some cases.

Serious offences while driving in UAE

  • If you are in influence of alcohol
  • Intake and influence of any drug which effect brain and body
  • If your harsh driving causes the death
  • If serious injuries occur because of negligence


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Rules to Follow in Case of a Car Accident in Dubai