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Lamborghini Huracan: Best Race Cars to Rent in Dubai

There is no introduction needed for this super fast hyper sports car. This is also known as one of the fastest super cars of the world. Yes we are talking about the mighty, and the aggressive Lamborghini Huracan. Lamborghini Huracan is considered to be the most favorite sports cars in Dubai. Locals as well as international tourists always prefer this car over any other car in the region. This unique and extraordinary appealing car is so popular in the region that it is known to be the best rental cars in Dubai. Lamborghini also possess other models in their sports car list but Huracan is the most demanded super car for majority of the people all over the world and especially in Dubai.

Why Lamborghini Huracan is the Best Race Cars for Rental Purposes in Dubai?

First of all, the most prominent feature due to which this super car is highly attractive is the sound of the engine. Huracan produces a unique sound from its engine which can be identified from miles away. The aggression and blood flow in the body increases immensely. whenever someone pushes the throttle of this hyper sports car at Friends car Rental.

Fastest Car in the World with unique Engine Sound and High Safety Features:

Unique sound is products by its specially designed engine which gives this super machine high level of torque. This car is capable of achieving 0 to 100 in a matter of some seconds. When a car is super fast it is very important that car also possess high end safety measures. Huracan is also capable to reduce the speed of the car in very less distance as compared to other super cars. The unique designs not only help in gaining top speed, but at the same time it allows the driver to control the car at very fast speed as well. This is one of the most common reasons why Lamborghini Huracan is considered to be the finest car rental near me.

High Class Interior:

Huracan is not only super fast but also possess some of the most luxurious features in it. The car possesses state of the art climate control system which maintains the temperatures of the car as per your requirements. The car is equipped with multiple speaker system to provide high quality entertainment system along with huge LCD screen to provide next level driving experience. The interior of the car is also designed is such a way that driver or the passenger should be safe while riding the car at extreme speed.

Rental cars, like Lamborghini also have high comfortable, leather seats which provide smooth and comfortable riding experience to the rider. At the same time these seats also grip the driver in such a manner that they can easily stay firm on their place while taking sharp turns at high speeds. This main reason Lamborghini is considered to be one in the group of Lamborghini rental cars in Dubai.

Aerodynamic and light but strong Exterior:

Super cars must possess a design which is very light but yet very powerful to hold the speed and keep the driver safe. Huracan is designed in such a way that it rapidly clears the wind pressure from the front. This process also allows the car to maintain tight grip on the road with downwards force gluing the car to the road.

Engine of the car is also placed on the back of the driver which makes it highly balanced on top speeds. Headlights of the cars are also made of specialized material so they cannot be broken easily from any mishap during high-speed run. Ferrari car rental also gives testimony for the performance of this extraordinary car. Last but not the least Lamborghini Huracan, unlike other super-fast hyper car is considered to be highly fuel efficient.
Also, there is a very important feature in the car which allows you to select the mode in which you are willing to drive the car. There is total 3 modes available, Sports Mode, in which the engine provides you maximum torque. City Mode in which car provides you medium to high power according to the throttle. Last but not least rain or wet mode in which the car automatically adjusts according to the wetness present on the road.


Visiting UAE, and not traveling in Lamborghini Huracan which is one of the best race cars to rent is totally unjust for any individual. So, let yourself live your dreams with our super-fast luxury rides in Dubai.Friends’ car rental are highly professional service providers who offer luxury rental cars in best packages and affordable rate. You cannot resist any of our luxury vehicle because they are highly maintained and up to the mark. We are highly trained and experienced in automobile industry. So, you going to enjoy out class drive in our cars. Get in touch with us for more details and luxury car booking in UAE.

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Lamborghini Huracan: Best Race Cars to Rent in Dubai