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How to Spot a Fake Car Rental Promotion

There are many popular tourist destinations in the world. People who love to travel and always willing to explore new places have developed their lists. In their list the most desired place is considered to be as Dubai. Dubai got drastic and massive development in very short time frame that is why many people want to visit this place. There are numerous reasons people love travelling to this region, one of the top reasons behind this, is also the top end luxurious infrastructure. Another very important and prominent reason is that Dubai is the place where you will be able to find some of the most expensive and top-level sports cars. These cars are imported from many different regions of the world. These sports cars increase the prestige and pride of Dubai. Many tourists love to drive their dream cars here in Dubai which is the reason why car rental services are very common in this region. More importantly Ferrari car rental in Dubai is very popular and demanded in the region.

Fake Car Rental Promotions:

Well, when anything or trend is very popular there are always some pros and cons related to that trend. Rental car service is very common and widely used by tourist in the region especially for top end sports cars. On the other hand, many car rental service providers have established most attractive promotions to attract customers. But eventually customers are trapped once they rented a car from such rental services. Due to these fake car rental promotional services many tourists are now highly reluctant in order to rent a car. Car rental services are facing massive decrease in their business just because of some fake and fraud rental service providers.

Tips to Identify Fake Car Rental Promotions:

Dubai is the region where rules and regulations are very religiously followed. It is very difficult for anyone or any company to commit crime or do fraud with people. Most importantly government of Dubai has huge respect for tourists from all over the world. They also welcome tourists with open hearts and provide them maximum facilities. Still some rental agencies manage to trap customers in their attractive fake promotions with hidden terms and conditions. Here we are revealing some important tips to identify these fake promotions and enjoy hassle free car rental services in the region.

Low Rental but Expensive Hidden Insurance Cost:

The most common tactic these fake car rental promotions use is that they lower their actual rental cost of their car. Most of the customers got attracted with their low cost and do not focus on each and every clause mentioned in the promotion. This is how most of the bookings are done for car rental services. When customer completes their rental agreement and returns the car, they are charged with huge amounts in terms of insurance expenses. First of all, never get attracted toward a rental promotion which is offering very low rental cost.

  • Always check many different options to get an idea about the rental value of any particular car. Luxury car rental near me is the best place to check out all the options.

Tactics to Increase the Rental Cost:

As mentioned previously most of the fake rental service providers tend to promote low-cost car rentals. In order to recover their actual cost, they do not mention or proper time frame of returning the car. Even if the actual duration is mentioned it is hidden or mentioned in differently which is not understandable easily. When customer returns the car, their credit card is charged way more than which is actually promised. When customer ask, they are why you charged this extra amount, rental service provider simply tells the customer you are returning the car late so one extra day is charged from your account.

  • In order to avoid any such mishap, it is very important to read each, and every point mentioned in the contract.
  • More importantly it is more crucial that customer should not assume anything.
  •  If there is a single thing which does not seem that much important don’t neglect it. Instead ask as many questions as possible you have in your mind.
  • If handing over and returning date and time are not mentioned in the contact, ask the agency to change the contact and mention exact and accurate date and time in the contract.


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How To Spot Fake Car Rental Promotion