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How to Extend the Rental of Car in Dubai

Is it possible to extend the car rental period? The simple answer is yes; here we have listed some useful points to keep you informed about the car rental rules in case you want to extend your car rental period. We recommend that you contact the car rental companies as soon as possible to extend your car rental days, as delay in informing those gives the car rental companies the best opportunity to get high fees. In order to hire a car, you just have to search for luxury car rental near me, and choose from a diverse range of options.

Another thing that is important is to meet with the rental agent on the day and time that is specified in your rental agreement and ask if you can extend the rental by a few days. The landlord will no doubt agree, but you may have to pay a significantly higher daily rate than the original rental. Most companies have a rule that you must notify them as early as 2 hours in advance to book or extend your car rental, and a simple phone call, email or Facebook message can save you up to 50% of costs.

You can extend the rental terms in two cases:

To extend the car rental period, you must have a confirmation from the company that the car is reserved in your name. In this case, you must contact the manager with whom you agreed the rental and extend the rental terms if there are no further bookings in these dates.

When can you extend the car rental period?

You can do this at any time during the tenancy, and although once the tenancy has started it is technically a fixed term tenancy which cannot be changed. Different companies have different rules, they can often negotiate with the rental companies (in the case of any third party such as an online application company) to keep the same car and return at an agreed extended date. You will have to pay for a new lease, but by running concurrent leases.

When is the next day charged?

All rentals are billed based on a 24-hour billing period. Only if the rental exceeds a 24 hour cycle will an additional daily fee be charged. We provide a 30 minute grace period for your return convenience. For example, if you picked up at noon on the first day and returned at noon on the second day, you are in a 24-hour billing period and will be charged for one day. However, if you return the vehicle at 1pm, you will be charged for the next day. The extra charge is also applicable in case of Ferrari car rental in Dubai, also whatever brand you opt for.

Why can’t you extend your car rental period?

There are a few limited reasons why you may not be able to extend your rental car, but the most common reason would be that your rental car is reserved for another customer after the rental date ends, or that the rental company may be closed at that time. You want to extend the deadline, for example on a Friday or at night if it is located outside the airport. This doesn’t mean they can’t book another car from the rental company for the required period you want to extend, but you may need to return the car under the current deal and pick up another car, perhaps from another rental agent who may have the availability / opening hours to suit. If you are in search of Range Rover car rental, then you should ask about their terms and conditions from the concerned rental company.

Advantages of monthly car rental:

Here are some of the significant benefits of choosing a monthly car rental plan:

Fixed monthly prices:

One of the biggest advantages of renting a car monthly is that the renter will know in advance what they have to pay each month.

Help with breakdowns:

With monthly car rental plans, you can rest easy knowing that you can always call your service provider in the event of an emergency or mechanical problem.

Zero worry about depreciation:

The biggest advantage of choosing a rental car over buying a new one is that you no longer have to worry about depreciation. Make a smarter investment choice by opting for a monthly car rental.


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How to Extend the Rental of Car in Dubai