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Evolution of Commuting and Traveling in the World:

Since the beginning of human race. It is a well know fact that humans tend to travel from one place to another. In the very initial stages of human history the only source of traveling available was by foot. Then after some time humans started to use horses, donkey, camels and even other animals for their traveling purpose. Since the early beginnings of humans. Nature blessed human race with intelligence by which human race have constantly developed them with the passage of time.

Different Modes of Traveling:

As humans were in the phase of constant development, they have developed numerous ways of traveling all over the world. In the initial stages of industrial era humans were able to develop three main source of traveling modes. By sea, by train and by road. Mode of sea traveling has been used by the humans from their very early evolution stages. Which was considered to be as early as 3000 to 1500 BC.

Invention of Trains:

There were huge limitations with the mode of by sea traveling all over the world. Because it was not suitable for traveling within the country. By knowing this fact humans were constantly trying to find a new and faster way of travelling. Which is should also be less expensive then the first train engine was developed in early 18th century. Trains brought huge change all over the world and used almost everywhere in the world. By which travelling experience was extremely easy and economical.

Invention of First Car:

 In the very end of the 18th century humans got success in developing their first car. For making their traveling experience faster and better. Since then there was constant developing in the sector of automobile. Many different type of cars and vehicles are been developed for human betterment. Many different companies started manufacturing cars and different vehicles all over the world. Soon it was a known fact that if any person wants to travel car is their first choice.

Invention of Airplanes:

Humans have decided not to stop at any point. So they wanted to develop the mode of traveling which is much faster than any mode of traveling. Then humans were successful in develop their first airplane in early 19th century. Which changed the mode of traveling all over the world. World was started to be considered as a global village where nothing was considered to be far or not reachable.  

Evolution of Electric Cars:

After the successful invention of many high-end sports and luxury cars, sports car rental in Dubai is the perfect place to find high end sports cars as per your needs and requirements. Humans got an idea of developing electric cars which would consume less energy and will travel for more miles or kilometers. Electric cars are the new phase of human development where almost every other car manufacture is now producing electric vehicles. As fossil fuel is getting expensive and it’s not only creating harmful impact on our environment but at the same time sooner or later it is going to end from our world. Now you will find each and every sport or luxury car which is now running on electronic system instead of running on conventional fuelling system.

Concept of Flying Electric Cars:

After the development and successful operation of airplanes and electric vehicles human are in constant pursue of developing production electric flying cars for private purpose. Although initial and concept was been developed in the end of the 19th century and even first prototypes were came into existence in the early 20th century but there is a huge infrastructural development required for proper production of electric flying cars at mass levels. But there are high very high expectations form human race that they can achieve anything through constant trial and error method and soon there will be a time where humans will start travelling in high end luxury electric car from one place to another without any hassle and problem.


Friends car rental in Dubai is the place which is constantly striving for bringing new and advanced vehicles in the region on mass level. We offer you best cars on Rental basis. And by the best means, our cars are highly maintained, amazingly smooth drives, affordable rate, and customer friendly policies.

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Expectations of Luxury Electric Cars to Fly