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Driving Tips for Beginners

Driving is a skill set which is dependent upon many factors. And learning this skill will surely increase your worth. Because a skillful person will never sleep hungry in his life. He believes in his self and skill. He works hard to get the skill paid off. Learning any skill in this world will surely require some patience, practice, and passion. So does with the driving skill. You have to be focused, responsible and attentive while learning a driving as a beginner.

If you try to learn driving from any driving school, they will teach you basic theory of car and give you a push start to drive. But becoming a master in this driving art you must practice this skill. Time will teach the best.

Every country has its own rules for roads / traffic system and driving regulations. To avoid fines, challans, penalties, and any kind of disaster, you must learn the basic and foremost important driving tips. In that way you become an expert by the time you apply for your driving license.

Driving tips for beginners:

This is a life skill that is a dream of many who does not learn it in their adulthood or young age. They might envy those young drivers who drive so well. This is a skill that no one could ever steal from you. Also, luxury car rental Dubai is possible if you have your clear your driving test and get a license. 

So, get excited and empty your head from any thoughts or worries. And make your mind to learn few amazing tips that will help you forever in driving field.

Always wear seatbelts:

Start practicing from very initial days of wearing seatbelts. Because it is very crucial for your safety and others as well. As per the global research 80% of death occurs in car accidents are because of not wearing seatbelt and high speed. So, make it a habit to wear a seatbelt once you get into the car as soon as you start driving.

Adjust mirrors and seats as per your height & view

It is a mandatory task to fix all mirrors, seats and steering to adjust as per your height and level. So that you can have a proper view from side mirrors and windscreen. That will improv the whole experience of driving.

Stay focused

Stay focus on road and keep you eyes wide open. You should take care about the turns and street endings a little before reaching to that point to avoid any unwanted situation.

Avoid phone and other distractions

Using mobile phone while driving is a crime. You are putting yourself and others in danger because of your irresponsible behavior. Being a beginner, you must avoid other distractions as well like, eating while driving, chit chatting with fellow mate, loud music, or earphones while driving.

Drive as per signal indicators

Following rules and signals will never a time waste. And it is a compulsory task to perform while driving on the roads of any country.  Following signals minimizes the chances of accidents and traffic jams. So never miss a signal indicator while driving a car. Although you may see people are crossing you. But you must act like an educated sensible person by your driving skills.

Calm your nerves

Stay calm and relax while driving. If you are stressed or not feeling good, you should avoid driving. It is wiser then driving a car in a bad mood.

Drive on known routes being a beginner

Know your routes well. And you are not aware about the road you should not get yourself there. Because it will confuse you and you might drive badly or put yourself in risk in such situation. So, it is better to drive on known ways as a beginner.

Keep your driving license and insurance papers with you

These are essentials to keep with you every time you drive a car.

Know a basic mechanical thing about your car

Knowing your car gives you confidence. If you learn a basic mechanics of your car, you are mentally preparing for any scenario without being panic. You will be able to tackle the situation in a professional way. As we all know problem can be occur anytime at anywhere. So be the problem solver for yourself.

Maintain safe distance

Try to maintain an enough distance from other vehicle this way you can be safe incase of any emergency or unwanted hassle.

Avoid over speeding

Maintain a moderate speed to avoid sudden brakes. That is a true saying, over speeding kills, so protect yourself and others.


Once you learn this skill you can drive an average car and even a Rolls Royce car rental in Dubai with out any shyness and stress. Friends car rental has all the luxury cars for your convenience, to make your commuting easier and comfortable in Dubai. Budget friendly deals and cars are waiting for you to join in.

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Driving Tips for Beginners