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Car rental in Dubai

Being a visitor or tourist, usually people need to rent out a car for their easy and comfortable travelling. Where rental cars provide you comfort and hassle-free rides all over the town. On the contrary side wrong choice of car and rental company might cost you more rather than a Taxi or public transport. So, become smart enough to get your car booked efficiently. And must need to give this blog a detailed read. You definitely learn critical pointers to keep in mind before going for car rental in Dubai. Visiting Dubai to enjoy your vacations is actually become more worthy while travelling in a luxury car.

Tips for First time Renters:

Renting a car, especially for the first time is extremely exciting yet frightening at the same time. We want you to feel secure and relax while choosing a rental car for your traveling purpose in a foreign country. And here we are listing few basic requirements to fulfil your rental car needs and vanish all insecurities.

Do your research and Homework: Most of the time travelling is pre-planned, that is why you definitely know your car needs and requirements. Like, how are you going to travel within city or outside the city, luggage capacity, doors, accommodation, budget, fuel consumption. You should search about different rental companies of the city you going to travel in. And compare the rates as well to get the best possible agency for your tour.

Inspect the car before signing the contract: It is necessary to inspect the car well before taking it of in your supervision. You should let rental car owner know if the car is already damage from anywhere. So, that they won’t be able to claim and try to charge from you a plenty of amount because of the disfigurement of the car.

License: you must have your original valid driving license if you are Dubai’s citizen. And if you are travelling there and want to drive a car you must have your international driving license.

Age limit: you must be at least 21-year-old if you are planning to rent out normal vehicles. On the other hand, if you want to rent out a super luxury car rental like Ferraro or Lamborghini you must be at least 25 to able to drive them.

Insurance and Security Deposit:

As we all are well-aware about the roads and traffic rules of Dubai is quite strict. So, most of the rental companies in UAE work upon the terms of security deposit and insurance. The deposit is particularly for settlement of traffic fines, penalties, or car damage. If you return the car without any of these, you may get your security deposit back.

Driving within UAE: the law of the UAE does not allow to drive a UAE registered rented car outside the border of UAE. and if you planning to do so, then you must get permission from the rental car before taking rented car out of the country.

What is your key role to prove yourself as responsible rider?

  • Be time conscious and committed. Returning back the car as per the agreement.
  • Rented luxury car must not be used for any sort of race or trading purpose.
  • You must not be in the state of alcohol or drugs while driving a rental car
  • Consciously follow and accept each and every traffic rules. And if you break any you will be responsible for the consequences and fines.


All in all, renting a car is the best choice while you are visiting a country as a tourist. Make sure you follow the traffic rules and regulations. These services can be avail on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. So, choose as per your need and budget. Friends car rental provides you all sort of luxurious and sports car in order to make your visit memorable and remarkable. Our team is experience and well-organize to serve you with expertise. And our cars are maintained and affordable to get them rent out and enjoy the trip without any tension or stress.

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Car Rental Tips for First Time Renters