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7 Things You Should Not Do with Sports Car Rental in Dubai

Dubai is home for so many big ventures and hotels. This place is quite famous all around the world because of tourist destinations and amazing manmade beaches. If you are a car enthusiast and want to drive a car which is luxurious, sporty, classy, and affordable. Dubai has a lot to offer you in category of luxury car rental in Dubai.

Additionally, renting a car in Dubai is more practical than using the public transportation system. Because you can choose from a variety of vehicles. Each with their own special features. Furthermore, you can get fantastic discounts and special bonuses that will end up saving you money.

As tourism grows in popularity, so does the demand for sports car rentals. There is a lot to discover in this region. And the best way to explore this adorable and exciting place is by travelling in your own rented luxury car. But there are quite few things that should be taken care while you are riding in a luxurious sports car in Dubai.

7 things you should not do with sports car rental in Dubai:

The whole process of hiring your dream car is very smooth and easy in Dubai. The only concern is to follow the rules and do not get overexcited while in any of the Luxury car rental. So, here I am going to share seven things that you should avoid doing in sports car rental in Dubai. In that way you can protect your wallets and unwanted hassle while on your vacations.

· Do not prepay for fuel

This is one of the most common practices that when the car returned to the agency, they have to fill up the fuel tank. Because of this many companies offer services like you can prepay for fuel which is not good in favor of consumer. As they are not going to consume whole tank within the duration. So, they should agree to fill up tank on their own to avoid paying extra charges.

· Avoid consuming prohibited items in your car

Rules are extremely strict. So, avoid keeping any prohibited item, material or weapon type stuff in your car while driving an Audi car rental in Dubai. So, that you can protect yourself from many unwanted tough scenarios.

· Do not make rash gesture or use fingers

Stay calm and avoid rash behavior to avoid unnecessary fuss and problematic situation. Do not curse, swear, or use bad hand gestures to offend another driver. These acts are criminal offences for public indecency. And truly unethical in any way.

· Avoid using airport rentals

As we are observing the demand is excessively increasing in tourism industry of Dubai. So, does the rental approach to explore the city in growing. And you can find out many rental agencies everywhere. But the wisest of all, is to select a car rental near me for your touring around the city. Because rental services near airport are higher as compared to rental services in downtown.

· Read out the documents properly and inspect the car

Before you drive down, inspect your car thoroughly for any potential damage. Look for scratches, clangs, loose parts, and power windows and glasses that work.

Keep an eye out for small and large problems; the tendency is to take a quick walk around the vehicle looking for scrapes and faults, assuming that any subsequent problems would have been noticed, but this is never the case. You previously rented a car with a loose rear bumper that the car rental company was unaware of. However, if you had not captured this before leaving the garage and an inspector had discovered it later, you would have been held fully responsible.

· Bring back the car in time

When renting a car in the United Arab Emirates, you must make every effort to return it before or on the scheduled return date. This is due to the fact that companies that rent cars charge extra fees to customers who return their vehicles late.

· Do not cross the border without permits

Do not try to cross the border within the luxury car rental in Dubai. Because it is unlawful and might get you behind the bars. Getting official permission from authorities and car rental agency is a must.


You must know your limits and follow the rules strictly in that way you are good go for having unmatchable fun full journey in Dubai. Friends car rental has the widest range of luxury super cars that will surely let you explore the city in an extravagant manner. Our professional team has great ethics to treat you with amazing services. You can reach out to us for car rental needs in all type. SUVs, sedan, supercars, convertible, or mid-sized cars all in our showroom to make your trip memorable and affordable.

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7 Things You Should Not Do with Sports Car Rental in Dubai