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Rent family car in dubai

Are you the one who loves to travel with your family? Also, a person who is crazily in love with thrilling and exciting experiences. But you are worried which car can be hire from best rental cars. To get it fit within your family for touring around the city. I am here to solve your problem.

Just walk through with us to know about top 10 family cars for rent in UAE. That will surely best for your Dubai trip. Moreover, able to fulfil your dream to drive a super-fast car on the modernly well-built roads of the Dubai. The traffic system and highways are also favorable for driving a super luxury car, that give you the best experience for lifetime.

Top 10 family cars for rent in UAE:

UAE is the hub of cars. You can see any brand which might be very rarely seen in any other country, but you can easily watch that out in Dubai.

Audi A3:

The Audi A3 is one of the most premium choices for traveling with Family. It will provide you exotic speed, with unmatchable comfort and beautiful fit and finish looks from inside and out. This is one of the best in budget choice for family trip with style and class. You won’t get tired while driving this car on long routes as well. Luggage space is another plus for keeping 2 suitcases quite well.


The best luxury vehicle for families. With high-tech features and comfort this SUV will surely give you and exclusive experience. Even a 3 teenager can sit well at the back seats of this BMW X6 comfortably. Luggage space will give you another leverage and additional benefit if choosing this beauty for your family trip.

Nissan Patrol:

Nissan patrol gives you the great experience on off road as well. The bulky body is great for thrilling experiences with family or group of friends. It has rock solid body and drive. With the V8 engine power. It is 8-seater SUV with amazing ground clearance of around 273 mm to give an unstoppable drive off road. This car is basically a family friendly car with amazing luxury features and comfort.

Mercedes Benz GLE AMG:

This is one of the most advance cars in suvs category. The performance and features are unmatchable in the market. Exterior and interior both are classically designed to provide luxe feel to the consumers. This car has dynamic power of twin-turbo V8 engine. With a huge wheelbase of around 2936mm to provide great grip during top speed as well.

Cadillac Escalade:

This is full-sized SUV with amazing handling and drive performance. Whole experience is so seamless that you are often unable to believe that you are on the road trip in this nimble driven car. The inner feel of this car is so elite and premium that won’t make your feel uncomfortable even for a second. This offers you entertainment solution for back seat passengers as well. So, boredom is never going to be a problem during longest journey in this beast.

Range Rover Evoque:

Style of this mid-sized SUV is undeniably magnificent. It is really a treat for an eye while seen of the roads of UAE. Range Rover Evoque is one of the best choices while traveling with family because it is reliable, comfortable, fast, and luxuriously comfortable. You can find highly maintained Range Rover almost at every car rental near me in UAE.

Bentley Bentayga:

This is an outclass SUV which was released in 2017. All the precision in interior designing is remarkable. Looks, style, elegance and lush features make it the most demanding SUV. Overall look of this car is extremely eye catching and this supercar can speed up to 100 within 3.9 seconds. That can beat your heart so high with thrill and excitement.  If you are speed lover this would be great choice with family to drive in UAE.

Friends rental car has an amazing collection of luxury vehicles. You can find huge variety of suvs for family tour. Also, you can reach out to us for super-fast cars like Ferrari car rental. Our highly maintained cars are at your service to make your Dubai trip even more exciting and fun. Have a great holiday.

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10 Family Cars for Rent In UAE